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Isle Of Wight Residential Scaffolding Service

Apex Scaffolding Services Ltd is a residential scaffolding company on the Isle of Wight. We’ve been providing scaffolding hire services throughout the island and built a large clientele.  We started small, but have quickly grown in the scaffolding hire industry. We’re driven to be dedicated to our work and a commitment to being the best scaffolders on the IOW.

IOW Residential Scaffolding Hire for Your Home Projects

At Apex Scaffolding Services Ltd, we understand that your home is your castle, and we’re here to provide you with the best residential scaffolding solutions to ensure the success and safety of your home projects. Our domestic scaffolding is suitable for many types of houses and homes over the IOW.

Our Residential Scaffolding Services

At Apex Scaffolding Services Ltd, we offer a variety of residential scaffolding services for cottages, houses, apartments, condominiums, co-ops, farmhouses, hostels, Airbnb’s. hotels, lodging houses, single- or multi-family homes, townhouses and similar solutions, including:


Home Renovation Scaffolding

Ensure safe and stable access for all your home renovation needs, from roof repairs to room remodels.

Gutter Maintenance Scaffolding

Safely access and maintain your gutters to protect your home from water damage.

Domestic DIY Project Scaffolding

Whether it's a simple DIY task or a larger home improvement project, our scaffolding ensures safety and efficiency.

Contact Us for Your Residential Scaffolding / Domestic Scaffolding Needs

Don’t let your home projects be hindered by lack of access. Reach out to Apex Scaffolding Services Ltd to discuss your residential scaffolding requirements, request a quote, or learn more about how our scaffolding solutions can make your home projects safe, efficient, and successful. We look forward to being your trusted partner for residential scaffolding.

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